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Auction Rules and Regulations

1. The Silent Auction will begin at 6:00 pm and close at 7:30 pm. Merola Opera Program (MOP) reserves the right to extend the time of the auction.

2. For your convenience, we are asking our guests to preregister prior to the event. At registration on the night of the event, you will not receive a bid card until this form is completed. Guests may also pay by check,

3. A bid sheet will accompany each item. Bidders may enter their bids by LEGIBLY placing their name and bid number on the first available bid line. Bids will be in the incremental amount indicated on the individual bid sheet. Once a bid is entered, it may not be removed or altered. Placing a bid is considered a contractual agreement to purchase the item at that amount. In the case that a bid number and bid name do not match, bid number will supersede bid name.

4. Director table and ticket attendees will be mailed instructions with the printed auction catalog in April on how to place advance bids. Please contact the office at (415) 936-2311 for more information.

5. The highest bid for each item will determine the successful bidder. Any bids received after the close of the auction will not be accepted. In the case of a tie or dispute, the Auction Chair or appointee will determine the winning bid.

6. Guests will have the opportunity to ensure winning bids for selected items by filling out the guaranteed bid box at the bottom of the bid sheet. When a guaranteed bid is made, bidding for that item will be closed.

7. Successful bidders will receive claim forms during dinner. All tangible items must be claimed the night of the auction unless otherwise noted in the catalog. Any arrangements and expense for delivery are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, unless otherwise indicated in this catalog. Gift certificates and tickets that have not been picked up will be mailed within 14 days of the close of the auction.

8. Items not paid for by 90 days after the gala may be resold to another party, at the discretion of MOP.

9. All gift certificates not claimed the night of the auction will be mailed within two weeks of receipt of payment. The office must be notified within four weeks of payment of any lost gift certificates. The office will make every reasonable effort to replace lost gift certificates within this time frame, but does not take responsibility for items once they have left the care of the MOP office.

10. All sales of auction items are final. The buyer is responsible for complying with any and all restrictions and/or conditions on any item.

11. Values for items are determined by the donors. Occasionally, a donor declines submission of a value. In these cases, the MOP office assigns assigns a value that it believes to be fair.

12. Dates for services, private dinners, etc., are to be arranged by mutual convenience between donor and purchaser where not specified. Tickets and events are subject to MOP’s right to make any alterations to the program or date as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

13. Reservations for restaurants, resorts and hotels are required and are subject to availability. For certain travel items, designated holiday blackout dates when travel is not permitted will apply. Unless otherwise stated, items such as certificates and trips must be used within one year of the auction.

14. Each auction item is sold “AS IS” without any warranty, including all wine. MOP makes no warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to the wines or other items. In no event shall MOP be held responsible or liable for the correctness of the catalog or descriptions, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty with respect to the condition, quality or rarity of the wines or any other item.

15. MOP reserves the right to withdraw any item at any time before the actual sale.